Band Members:

  • Sakari Kukko
  • Teemu Eerola 
  • Abdoullay Ndiaye
  • Iida Sinivalo 
  • Ousseynou Mbaye 
  • Maarit Holkko-Wagoner 
  • Ismaila Sane 
  • Mikko-Ville Luolajan-Mikkola
  • Meissa Niang


A String-quartet meets African quartet led by Sakari Kukko, who also wrote the music for the strings. 

Music offers a vide range of styles, although this program is based on Finnish dance-meladies originally played by ‘Ressan Lassi’,a famous fiddle-man in Kainuu-region, where also Kukko comes from, and still spends time as much as possible.



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