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JouLumo CD is available to purchase now online! 

Sakari Kukko just recently released a Christmas album to bring the Christmas spirit alive again.

JouLumo album brings the magic of Christmas through old spirituals which came from Germany to Finland centuries ago. The age-range of the singers covers from 7 to 91 years making it sound like a family celebration. Kukko’s experiences in countless music-genres can be heard in the arrangements and improvisations.

You may purchase the new CD online at

In addition to the singers and the musicians involved in the making of the JouLumo album, Sakari Kukko will have a Christmas concert performing the songs in the album on the 22nd of December 2017 at 6PM at the Pitäjänmäki church, Turkismiehenkuja 4, 00370 Helsinki. For more information about the concert, visit the website at

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